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“Friends of Pedro” Promote Cayman Pride


Are you proud of Cayman’s culture and heritage? Then show your support by becoming a card carrying “Friend of Pedro”.

These new, wallet-size cards are colorful and sport three principal emblems of Pedro St. James. The first emblem is a stylized outline of the Great House, also popularly known as “Pedro Castle” and one of the most recognized structures in Cayman. The second emblem is a palm tree to represent the site’s beautiful landscaping. The third emblem is a Cayman catboat in full sail to symbolize the seafaring history of this island nation. Development of this program has been generously sponsored by Cayman National Bank, Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC), and Foster’s Food Fair-IGA.
The basic card combines these symbols with the words “Friends of Pedro St. James”. Available for a donation of $50, this card also grants the bearer free admission to Pedro St. James for an entire year. Two people can take advantage of the “Couple” donation of $75 which provides a buy-one-get-one-for-50% discount. A “Family” donation of $125 admits a mother and/or father (or legal guardian) and their children under 18 years of age. This works well for families with children older than the maximum age of 12 who ordinarily are admitted free of charge with a parent or guardian.

A gold-trimmed “VIP” card costs $200, but grants the cardholder the additional benefit of bringing any three people into the facility free of charge. Like the basic card, the “VIP” card offers a full year of access to Pedro St. James.

For those who dislike time limitations, a blue and gold trimmed “Lifetime” card does away with annual renewals. A $1,500 donation is required, but this level also provides significant support for furthering the historic mission of Pedro St. James.

“The ‘Friends of Pedro’ programme is a new opportunity for ordinary citizens to demonstrate that they really care about the history of Cayman. Pedro St. James is more than a tourist attraction. It is the birthplace of democracy in the Cayman Islands. It is the oldest surviving stone structure in the country. Ten years ago, the property was reclaimed by the people of Cayman as an enduring symbol of our heritage. A ‘Friend of Pedro’ card is tangible proof of support for the past, present, and future of our country”, states Mr. Gilbert Connolly, CEO of the Tourism Attraction Board which oversees Pedro St. James and other Cayman attractions.

The public’s first opportunity to become a “Friend of Pedro” coincides with an Old-Time Cayman Garden Party that will be held at Pedro St. James on July 27th. As a special token of appreciation, donors who become “Friends of Pedro” on that day will receive a limited-edition work of art by Caymanian artist Horatio Esteban. Each level provides the donor with a different catboat-themed piece of art and “Lifetime Friends” will get their choice of an original oil painting.

So come out on Sunday, July 27th, to the Pedro St. James Old-Time Cayman Garden Party and show your support for Cayman’s history and culture by becoming a Friend of Pedro. From noon until 6 p.m., non-stop entertainment at Pedro St. James will transport you back to a simpler, happier time.

There will be cooking demonstrations of traditional dishes and lots of food and treats for sale, including heavy cakes, freshly made candies, seafood, and other local dishes. The entertainment is being sponsored by Countryside Shopping Village — Heritage Holdings Ltd. and includes the North Side Kitchen Band and craftspeople from the Cayman Islands Traditional Arts Council. Rope making and thatchwork presentations will be provided, as well as classes showing to how to fashion traditional kites and home-made gigs. There will also be an old-fashioned auction of livestock and ground provisions that will certainly be both fun and exciting.

To learn more about Pedro St. James, you can find a wealth of information and pictures available online at www.pedrostjames.ky. This national historic site is only one of the many attractions managed by the Tourism Attraction Board (www.TAB.ky).

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