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Come and experience glamour at Pedro!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe grounds at Pedro St. James are breathtakingly beautiful. There’s a “photo op” at every turn. So of course the location director for Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine selected Pedro St. James as one of only a handful of sites to feature in the Summer 2007 issue. Page 85 sports a full page photo of models sporting designer clothing and jewelry, posed in a louvered breezeway in the Great House.

With the convenience of a comfortably large air-conditioned area for wardrobe and make-up preparations, the film crew spent hours shooting in a myriad of locations around the site. The images were shot by internationally acclaimed photographer Bico Stupakoff. The stylists for the models were Melissa Lamkin and Ise White. Art Director Fiona Anavi determined the final look of the published feature.

These professionals discovered what so many Cayman brides already know: Pedro St. James is the location of choice for breathtakingly beautiful weddings.

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You never know who you’ll see at Pedro St. James…

Perhaps the person sitting next to you in the Theatre is a famous singing sensation. Or maybe the people with the film crew are television personalities.

Come and see what kind of “star gazing” you can do at our castle by the sea…

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