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Come and experience the lush gardens!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFruit groves, vegetable gardens, cacti, and palm trees. With more than 7 acres of lush beauty and verdant abundance, the gardens at Pedro St. James also represent one of the bases for Cayman’s history.

Although the Cayman Islands lacked the big plantations of Jamaica, the earth’s bounty not only nourished the early settlers of Cayman, but also provided building materials, medicine, and even entertainment.

Thatch leaves were woven into roofs, plaited into baskets, and twisted into rope. Medicinal herbs cured the sick and preserved the healthy. Trees were hewn into buildings and boats, toys and musical instruments.

Nothing went to waste. The ingenious ways that the first Caymanians practiced repurposing, recycling, and restoration are lessons that modern people must take to heart in our wasteful age of disposable consumption.

Come and experience the many gardens near the castle by the sea…

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