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Come and experience Pedro St. James!


Experience the 3-D, multi-sensory theatre where you’ll be transported back in time to the colourful past of Cayman…as seen through the eyes of the people who lived here over the course of more than two centuries.

You’ll feel the fury of nature’s tempests as a storm manifests itself around you.

You’ll see authentic artifacts and tools that permitted past generations to survive and thrive in an untamed land bordered by restless seas.

You’ll witness the hardships of early settlers, the danger of marauders, the lives of the slaves who built and maintained the property, and the vision of the Caymanians of 1831 who introduced democracy to the Cayman Islands within the walls of the imposing Great House.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExperience the 18th century Great House that offers a window into times past. Build by English-born William Eden, the Great House is an imposing 3-storey manor set on 7 acres by the sea. With its massive stone walls, an expansive slate roof, and rambling mahogany verandahs, it is such an impressive structure that it is affectionately called “Pedro Castle” by local residents.

You’ll walk in the footsteps of the previous inhabitants, led on a personalized tour of a building constructed in 1780, the oldest surviving stone structure in the Cayman Islands.

You’ll stand on the Palladian staircase where the Proclamation of Emancipation abolishing slavery was read in 1835.

You’ll examine the rooms where the Eden family entertained, judges held court, and Caymanians made the decision to form an elected legislature establishing “the Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands” at Pedro St. James.

Experience award-winning local cuisine by the sea in the charming Café Pedro. Specializing in such Caymanian delicacies as Turtle Stew, Cayman-style Beef, and Cassava Cake, it is clear why the chefs at Café Pedro were the proud winners of the 2006 Taste of Cayman Cook-Off for the best Traditional Caymanian Dish!

Experience the Hurricane Ivan Memorial as a modern monument to the forces of Nature that still shape the history of this island nation. The Memorial continues Cayman’s tradition of preserving its history on this site, by chronicling the tragic circumstances of that historic storm and transforming products of its destruction into symbols of hope for future generations.

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